Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Democratic Party of Denver! Based on the information you enter, you will be connected to the Captain and Co-Captain of your House District as well as the Captains-At-Large for any of the groups you select. We're confident that getting involved with the party will be a fulfilling and fun experience, and that you'll be contributing to continued Democratic success in Colorado! By filling out the form below, you can select your interests and sign up for our electronic newsletter.

We often receive requests to volunteer from people who are not in Denver County. If this is your situation, we will give your information to the Denver House District that is closest to you. You can make your decision whether, or not, to join the Denver efforts based on your discussions with the Captain and Co-Captain of that District. Many people choose to volunteer in Denver in addition to their County; or choose Denver because their County doesn’t have as many opportunities. Regardless of your situation, we would be happy to have you. However, if you are wanting to be connected to the Democratic Party in your area please visit the Colorado State Democratic Party website for listings and links to each County,

Important: In order for us to process your request, we need you to provide complete information for every field. Incomplete forms can not be processed.