The most common way to use the Denver Precinct Finder is to enter your street number and street name to find your precinct. After clicking "Search" you will see your precinct, along with your state house district, state representative, state senate district, state senator, and voting place name and address.

If no street address is found, the program will search the same side of that block for another voter address. An error message will be returned if no voter address record is found by this search.

You can also query the database by other combinations of search keys: street number only, street name only, precinct only, street number and precinct, or street name and precinct. (Here precinct is the "short precinct" - the last 3 digits of the full 10 digit precinct name.) Up to ten records will display at a time. If more than 10 records are found, you can scroll forwards and backwards by clicking the <-Previous and Next-> links on the upper right of the results table, respectively.

All street name types, or suffixes, are returned as two character abbreviations ("Av" for "Avenue", "Bv" for "Boulevard", etc). If there is more than one street name type and it is not included, the precinct finder will return the first one it finds. For example if you live on "Oak Way" and there is also an "Oak Circle", be sure to type "Oak Way" and not just "Oak" for street name. The same applies to directional prefixes. If you are searching for an address on West Alameda Avenue, typing only "Alameda" might return an East Alameda Avenue address.

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