Getting connected to the Denver Dems is easy - and there are lots of ways to get involved! Democratic politics often starts at the grassroots - working with your neighbors to elect Democratic candidates, help form our policies, and even run for office.

The first step is to find out what house district you live in, attend a house district meeting, or engage with the party on social media. If you'd like to volunteer with the Denver Democrats, please fill out our volunteer sign-up form.

Find Your House District
​Use the Precinct Finder to find your House District (HD).  There are 8 HDs in Denver county (the HD numbers go to 9 but there is no district 3) where you have a voice in what goes onto the county platform, what we recommend on the ballot (see caucus) and where you can get involved in monthly meetings. 
Click above to locate your HD with your address 
Visit your Virtual House District

Now that you have your HD, click above to find out where the meetings are and what is going on in your HD.


Attend your District Meeting

Most HDs meet on the same date and time, once per month and are structured with enough time to cover business/topics at hand and also leave time for questions and new ideas.

Click above to find out more about HD meetings. 

Stay Connected

Along with getting on the email list for your HD, don't forget to check the HD calendar and the DPoD calendar for upcoming events and opportunities. 

Click above to find out more about additional ways to stay connected to your HD and the DPoD