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House District 9

Welcome to House District 9 !! We meet on the fourth Saturday of each month - from 9:15 AM (Social) / 9:30 AM (Meeting Starts) - 11:00AM at Calvary Baptist Church, 6500 E. Girard Avenue - northeast corner of Monaco and Hampden. Social Time / Refreshments at 9:15 am. Come early to visit your HD9 friends and neighbors.

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Upcoming HD9 Events

House District 9 Annual Picnic - PICNIC'N, POTLUCK'N AND POLITIC'N

WHEN: Saturday, August 24, 2019 - 12:00pm to 3:00pm

South Dahlia Lane Community Green - 2430 South Dahlia Lane, Denver, CO 80222







Enjoy a Saturday afternoon gathering with your fellow HD9 friends, neighbors and favorite politicians!
Enjoy Grillmaster Larry’s burgers (we do vegetarian too!) and dogs! And we provide the beverages!
Bring your favorite side dish - or salad - or dessert to share!
Schmooze with a candidate – or 2 – or 3. “Tis the Season!”
A great - fun - tasty - casual opportunity to chat with your HD9 friends and neighbors about the topics of the day - and the upcoming 2019 and 2020 elections.
Bring the family! There's a great playground for kids! And even shade!
AND it's free! (We do accept contributions - but none required.)

(NOTE: "Picnic’n" takes the place of our August Saturday morning meeting.)

HD9 Picnic

WHEN: Saturday, August 24, 2019 - 12:00pm to 3:00pm

South Dahlia Lane Community Park 2430 South Dahlia Lane Denver, CO

HD9 State Representative

Emily Sirota

Emily Sirota was elected in 2018 as a state representative for house district 9, succeeding Paul Rosenthal. She serves on the Energy and Environment Committee and the State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Commitee.

Term(s) in office: 2019-2010 Phone: 303-866-2910 Website:

HD9 Officers

Chair: Marty Amble
Vice-Chair: Ann Meisel
Secretary: Rita Simas

House Sub-District 9A

Captain: Lydia Guzman

Co-Captain: Lawrence (Larry) Gallegos

Finance Chair: Geoff Withers
House Sub-District 9B

Captain: Sam A. McKenzie

Co-Captain: Nicholas (Nick) Assaf

Finance Chair: Jan Tyler

HD9 News

HD9 and SD31 Officers Elected at MultiCounty ReOrg

The final elements of the House District 9 and Senate District 31 2019 ReOrg were completed Saturday morning, February 23, with the election of officers. Elected were:

HD9 Chair Marty Amble, Vice Chair Ann Meisel, Secretary Rita Simas
SD31 Chair Rita Simas, Vice Chair JoAnn Fujioka, Secretary Morgan Waters

Congrats! Now... on to the 2020 Blue TSUNAMI

Great Turnout For Our February Meeting and Mayoral Candidates Discussion
Kudos to nearly 100 hardy souls! Great turnout - despite the SNOW and COLD!! Excellent presentations by Rep. Sirota and Sen. Court, valuable information by Alton Dillard from the Denver Elections Division, and an enthusiastic, informative discussion with mayoral candidates Lisa Calderon, Penfield Tate and Jamie Giellis.
Thanks to all for taking time to attend and be more informed!
Nice job new HD9 leadership team!

DPOD and SubDistrict Officers Elected at ReOrg
At the 2019 ReOrg, Members of the DPOD Central Committee Elected Its New 2019-2021 Leadership Team and HD9 Precinct Committee Persons Elected their 2019-2021 Leaders.
County Chair – Melissa Johnsen *
Vice Chair – Marc Kamin *
Secretary – Jarrod Munger
Treasurer – Jon Mesick *
Assistant Secretary Lydia Guzman and Assistant Treasurer Cathy Bajcsi were re-appointed to continue in their roles.
CONGRATS to the New Team – and THANKS to Outgoing Officers – Chair Mike Cerbo, Sr., Vice Chair James Reyes, and Treasurer Ken Hermann for YOUR 2 YEARS of LEADERSHIP and DEDICATED SERVICE!! Making the DPOD Stronger and leading the BLUE WAVE Effort!!
SubDistrict 9A
Captain - Lydia Guzman
Co-Captain - Alex Lakey *
Finance Chair - Geoff Withers
SubDistrict 9B
Captain - Sam McKenzie *
Co-Captain - Nick Assaf *
Finance Chair - Jan Tyler
* New in the Position / Role
CONGRATS to the New Team – and THANKS to Outgoing Officers – 9A Co-Captain Juliette Hidahl, 9B Captain Jamie Sarche, and 9B Co-Captain Jean Richards for YOUR 2 YEARS of LEADERSHIP and DEDICATED SERVICE!! Making HD9 Stronger and leading HD9’s effort in making the BLUE WAVE Happen!!
In addition, HD9 members were selected to join DPOD committees – including Rules, Credentials, Platform, Permanent Organization, Fund-Raising, Public Policy, Diversity and Outreach, Technology, and Get-Out-The-Vote – essentially all of the moving parts of the Democratic Party of Denver. THANK YOU – IN ADVANCE – for Your Service!!

HD9 MultiCounty Assembly Selects State Representative Primary Ballot Candidates

Delegates to the April 7 House District 9 MultiCounty Assembly Select State Representative Primary Ballot Candidates!! 

Here are the vote counts and % from the HD9 State Representative Multi-County Assembly... and post-assembly comments from each candidate. To qualify for a position on the June 26 Primary Election ballot, 30% was required. (HD9 Includes Primarily SE Denver County Precincts - as well as a handful of Arapahoe County Precincts - Including Glendale.) 

Ashley Wheeland - 32 / 39.5%
Emily Sirota - 29 / 35.8%
Paul Rosenthal - 20 / 24.7%

As with EVERY election... EVERY VOTE COUNTS!!



From Paul Rosenthal:

Well, we had a good run for reelection, and our campaign was based on the issues. We kept it clean, were thoughtful, discussed my successful six years as a member of the House. Unfortunately we didn't cross the finish line and weren't put on the ballot at the Democratic assembly. I will continue to work hard for the community, and will keep you updated. In the meantime I have a lot to do as a legislator through the end of the year for the people of House District 9. Thanks to all my supporters but especially my campaign manager Meredith Small and aide Deborhah Dreith Calloway.

From Ashley Wheeland:

We are so honored and proud to have not only officially made the ballot, but will be placed on the top! Come celebrate with us as we kick this campaign off to the next phase and all the way to the legislature.
Ashley Wheeland has been working in advocacy and policy for women and the undeserved her whole career. She has cultivated relationships with grassroots leaders and legislators which will put her in a unique position to be ready to get work done from day one.

As a true Grassroots campaign, fueled by the people of Colorado, we are asking you to join our movement! Join our kick-off party and see how you can help the campaign's momentum continue.

From Emily Sirota:

BREAKING NEWS: I have officially made the Democratic primary ballot, after our strong showing at the House District 9 Multi-County Assembly this morning! Our support was so strong that incumbent Rep. Paul Rosenthal did not receive enough votes to make the ballot.

After years of hard work in government, early childhood education and community organizing, I am SO GRATEFUL to receive so much support from House District 9 Democrats. In this election, hundreds of volunteers and grassroots donors are joining our campaign for progressive change because they know the status quo is unacceptable.

I am not a professional politician or political insider -- I am a working mom who rejects corporate PAC money and who has a proven record fighting for this community. Together, this people-powered campaign is going to win this election and bring this fight for our progressive values to the state legislature.

You can watch the speech I gave at this morning’s assembly. We have a lot of work to do for the June 26th primary -- join our campaign at

We thank Representative Paul Rosenthal for his 6 years of service - including through the balance of the current session and the remainder of his term - and look forward to a robust and informative primary election campaign!  



Another Well Attended 2018 Candidate Forum!

Nearly 100 Attend HD9's 3rd Candidate Forum In Preparation for the Upcoming Caucus and the 2018 Mid-Term Election! A Full House Listened Attentively to Presentations and Q & A from Attorney General Candidates Brad Levin, Amy Padden, Joe Salazar and Phil Weiser, Treasurer Candidates Bernard Douthit, Charles Schiebe and Dave Young, Secretary of State Candidates Jena Griswold and Phillip Villard - AND HD9 State Representative Candidates Paul Rosenthal, Emily Sirota and Ashley Wheeland.

Great Questions from HD9 and the Audience - And Moderated Very Well by HD9B Retiring Co-Captain Shawn Smith and HD9 Chair Chadd Hird.
HD9B PCP's Elected Jamie Sarche to Fill the Shoes of Retiring Captain Shawn Smith - who is Relocating to Northwest Denver - and HD4. Best to Shawn and to Jamie!