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House District 8

Welcome to the House District 8 portal!

You can contact your officers by sending email to [email protected].

OR you may email individual officers using the links by her/his name shown below.

HD8 can be found on Facebook --

  • Offical Page - Find official HD8 Facebook Events and notices.

You can receive the HD8 Newsletter by clicking on "Sign up for HD8 Email" link. Generally, we send the newsletter out twice a month, once 10 days before the HD8 Meeting and an updated one two days prior. If there is a significant event that we're organizing, such as a march, then we may send a notice, but we try to avoid that.

If you are interested in becoming active with HD8 email us at [email protected]. We have a very active, diverse and progressive House District. We look forward to adding your voice to our group of Democratic activists.

HD8 meets the third Saturday of each month typically at the Ford-Warren Library (2825 High St, Denver, CO 80205) except for April, June, and December. Please check the calendar, as occasionally we get bumped as we have this month (March 2018), we'll be at the Park Hill Branch Library (4705 Montview Blvd, Denver, CO 80207) this month only.

  • 09:30 - 10:00 am,  we socialize over donuts and coffee.
  • 10:00 - 11:30 am, Meeting
  • 11:45+ Beers, Burgers, & Politics (at Whittier Pub)

The meeting begins promptly at 10 am. During election season our Democratic candidates are invited to speak, each month our State House & Senate representatives will provide updates on their legislative activities.

Please come and join us!

Upcoming HD8 Events

HD8 State Representative

Leslie Herod

Representative Herod serves on the Legal Services, Judiciary and Finance committees. She was elected in 2016 to succeed now-Denver District Attorney Beth McCann.

HD8 Officers

Chair: Patricia Manning
Vice-Chair: Aaron Goldhamer
Secretary: Lucy Sedgwick

House Sub-District 8A

Captain: Helen Shreves

Co-Captain: David Farmer

Finance Chair: Jarrod Munger
House Sub-District 8B

Captain: Dave Wolf

Co-Captain: Roger Kilgore

Finance Chair: Mary Brice

HD8 News

HD8 State House Representative Debate

HD8 Denver Democrats hosted a debate between Aaron Goldhamer and Leslie Herod, candidates for Colorado House District 8 State Representative. Kip Cheroutes served as moderator.

Because HD8 is overwhelmingly Democratic, the winner of the primary will very likely be our next HD8 Representative.