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House District 8

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You can contact your officers by sending email to [email protected].

OR you may email individual officers using the links by her/his name shown below.

HD8 meets the third Saturday of each month from 9:45 - 11:30 am, at the Ford-Warren Library (2825 High St, Denver, CO 80205) except for April, June, and December. From 9:45 am - 10 am, we socialize over donuts and coffee. The meeting begins promptly at 10 am. Our House & Senate representatives will provide updates on their legislative activities. Please come and join us! 

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HD8 State House Representative Debate

HD8 Denver Democrats hosted a debate between Aaron Goldhamer and Leslie Herod, candidates for Colorado House District 8 State Representative. Kip Cheroutes served as moderator.

Because HD8 is overwhelmingly Democratic, the winner of the primary will very likely be our next HD8 Representative.