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House District 6

HD6 meets on the FIRST Tuesday of each month from 6:30 – 8:30 pm at Christ Church United Methodist church, 690 Colorado Blvd, Denver (on the southeast corner of Colorado and 7th). Enter the church parking lot off 7th.

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Upcoming HD6 Events

HD6 State Representative

Chris Hansen

Representative Hansen is the Chair of the Appropriations Committee and serves on the Joint Budget Committee.  He is serving his second term representing House District 6.

Watch Rep. Hansen's Youtube messages!


Term(s) in office: 2017-2020 Phone: 303-866-2967 Website:

HD6 Officers

Chair: Anne Farrell
Vice-Chair: Sallyanne Ofner
Secretary: Jo Ann Fujioka

House Sub-District 6A

Captain: Laura Chauncey Mullins

Co-Captain: Megan Whelan

Finance Chair: Monica VanBuskirk
House Sub-District 6B

Captain: Karen Tomb

Co-Captain: Steven Woodrow

Finance Chair: Mike Lopez

HD6 News

June 11th's DPOD Fundraiser at Rep Chris Hansen's Home
Tuesday's well attended Democratic Party of Denver June Fundraiser at Rep Chris Hansen's home - A BIG THANK YOU

HD6 Meeting US Senate Candidates, Legislative Report and

House District 6 Monthly Meeting

June 4, 2019 6:30-8:30 PM

Christ Church United Methodist

690 Colorado Blvd.


Dear HD 6 Democrats – We have a great program this evening, with a presentation by the dynamic director of Progress Now, Ian Silveri, and a continuation of our showcasing of US Senate Candidates.  Don’t worry- we’ll keep you updated on the Denver municipal election returns throughout the evening.


6:30 Social Time and Refreshments. (Featuring a Mediterranean themed

                                Dinner with baklava for dessert!)


7:00 Welcome and Announcements


7:10 Legislative News from Representative Chris Hansen


7:20 Ian Silverii, Executive Director, Progress Now speaking about

Recall Efforts and the Legislative Session


7:50 Lorena Garcia, Candidate for U.S. Senate


8:00 John Walsh, Candidate for U.S. Senate


8:10 Q&A with Lorena Garcia and John Walsh


8:20 Marc Alston, Resilient Denver


8:30 Adjourn



June 4          Denver Municipal Election Runoff

June 20 PCP Training 6-8 PM, Christ Church, 690 Colo. Blvd.*

July 2 CANCELLED:  HD 6 Monthly Meeting – Enjoy July 4th!

July 13 PCP Training 11AM-1PM, Christ Church, 690 Colo. Blvd.*

July 14 HD 6 Annual Picnic in the Park, 1-3 PM at Great Lawn Park, 101          

Yosemite St.

Aug. 4 Democratic Party of Denver’s Annual Potluck Picnic 12-4 PM, Ruby Hill                       

Park, 1200 W. Florida Ave

Aug. 6 HD 6 Monthly Meeting

Aug. 8 Tech Team Open House with VAN and Minivan training RSVP

Aug. 22 PCP Training, 6-8 PM, DPOD office, 574 S. Broadway*

Sept. 3 HD6 Monthly Meeting

Sept. 7 Central Committee Meeting, Details to follow

Sept. 12 Tech Team Open House with VAN and Minivan training RSVP

Sept. 21 PCP Training, 1-3 PM, DPOD office, 574 S, Broadway*


* New PCPs and those PCPs wanting a refresher course in PCP duties and responsibilities should plan to attend ONE of these trainings.  The same material will be covered in each. Please RSVP at [email protected]org.

Windsor Gardens Democratic Club Water Presentation Tuesday Night, May 28, 2019

Steve Snyder, Executive Communications Director of Denver Water, explaining how our water resources are gathered, stored and distributed to enable our way of life in Denver. There is more information at









Windsor Gardens Democratic Club President, Donna Fisher, reminding the membership of the June Meeting's speaker, Secretary of State, Jena Griswold  the evening of June 25th.  Watch the calendar for details of time.


A Successful HD 6 Momentum Party and Silent Auction

Thank you Secretary of State Jena Griswold and HD6 Representative Chris Hansen for attending our Momentum Party today and sharing your exciting news of what’s happening with important legislation. Thank you also to our Finance Chairs Monica Von Buskirk and Mike Lopez for all your work on this event and for everyone who came out to Reiver’s, just one of the great businesses in our own HD6!

Rep Chris Hansen discussing currrent and future session bills.






SOS Jenna Griswald and HD6 Rep Chris Hansen








HD6A Finance Chair and SOS Jenna Griswald Discuss Election Policy



Congratulations New Officers

Congratulations to HD6 county Officers:

  • Melissa Johnsen, new Chair, Democratic Party of Denver
  • Marc Kamin, former Co- Captain, HD6A, newly elected vice Chair, Democratic Party of Denver *
  • Jon Mesick, former Finance Chair, HD6B, newly elected Treasurer, Democratic Party of Denver *


  • Anne Farrell, re-elected Chair, HD6
  • Sallyanne Ofner, re-elected Vice Chair, HD6
  • Jo Ann Fujioka, Secretary, HD6 


  • Laura Mullins, re-elected Captain, HD6A
  • Megan Whelan, Co-Captain, HD6A
  • Monica VanBuskirk, Finance Chair, HD6A


  • Karen Tomb, re-elected Captain, HD6B
  • Steve Woodrow, re-elected Co-Captain, HD6B
  • Mike Lopez, Finance Chair, HD6B


Thanks to the 92% of Central Committee members from HD6 who attended reorg and.those elected and appointed to various committees in the county and state party and CD1.