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Welcome to House District 5!

We are the heart of Denver! We include many neighborhoods: Athmar Park, Auraria, Baker, Capitol Hill, Central Business District, Chaffee Park, Civic Center, Cole, Elyria, Five Points, Globeville, Highland, Jefferson Park, Lincoln Park, LoDo, North Capitol Hill, Sunnyside, Swansea, Union Station, and Valverde. If you're a resident of HD5, you're in great company!

HD5 meets the first Wednesday of each month from 7:00 - 9:00 pm
at the Colorado Democratic Party Headquarters, 789 Sherman Street, 1st Floor, Denver, CO 80203.

Upcoming HD5 Events

House District 5 Officers

Chair: Sandie McNamara
Vice-Chair: Geoff Tchon
Secretary: Thyria Wilson

House Sub-District 5A

Captain: Eric Dattore

Co-Captain: Danielle Glover

Finance Chair: Michael Guzman
House Sub-District 5B

Captain: Susan Saukas

Co-Captain: Ian Nelson-Santopietro

Finance Chair: Jonah Weiss

HD5 News

HD5: Democracy in Action

As devoted Democrats, we do our best to elect people who believe in progressive values, economic opportunity, and collective efforts to help everyone share in the blessings and responsibilities of democracy.  But what exactly are the details behind these generalities, and how do we translate our values into specific positions and goals?

While most of our party apparatus is rightly geared toward getting our people elected, two committees are charged with debating, exploring, and expanding upon the policies that underlie the fundamental values of our party.  One is the Platform Committee, which sets forth our broad principles every other year.  The other is the Public Policy Committee.  It meets year-round, every year, to hammer out the detailed positions that derive from our broad principles.

The Public Policy Committee is a county-wide group with representatives from every house district.  We meet the first Thursday of every month, to hash out special problems and explore the implications of the daily news.  Recent meetings have featured discussions of our electoral system, the sustainability of the current wave of activism, the meaning of Trump’s first 50 days, and mandatory tax returns for candidates. We also hear reports from our Study Groups, each of which meets monthly on a separate night to drill deeper into specific topics.  Our currently-active Study Groups cover (1) Criminal Justice, (2) Health Care, (3) Education, and (4) Energy and Environment.  Anyone can join a Study Group, whether or not, you participate with the full Committee.

During the legislative session, from early January to early May, we announce upcoming hearings of interest and importance to Democrats every week.  We also compile a scorecard on the voting records of our Denver and surrounding legislators about every two weeks.  We also encourage and provide assistance to anyone wishing to testify on a bill before a legislative committee.  In all these ways, we hope to play a role in promoting good legislation true to our Democratic Party values.

Demonstrations are great and essential for advancing our cause.  But if you like policy with your politics, and believe in positions behind your posters, please join the active group of DenverDems concerned with the details and substance of what we stand for.  Our meetings are all listed on the county party calendar (  You can also join our distribution list for announcements by e-mailing me at [email protected].

Louis Irwin, Chair

Public Policy Committee, Denver Democrats

Activist Event Calendars

These event calendars will help you locate activist events.

The Resistance Calendar ( }

was created by Michael Moore! The Indivisible Calendar

was created by a group of former Congressional staffers!

Hon. Crisanta Duran Elected Speaker of the Colorado House

FROM Hon. Crisanta Duran:

I'm writing to let you know that yesterday my colleagues voted to elect me Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives. I am humbled and honored by this responsibility and want to thank everyone who has helped me along the way-- especially my parents, who taught me that with hard work and determination I could be anything I wanted to be. They were right.

This week has been a hard one for our country, but we have faced hardship before and overcome. We may feel alone, but it is important now more than ever, that people stay involved with the political process.

Now that the election is over, it is time to govern. The people of Colorado have always been able to work together and stand tall in the face of adversity. I learned a long time ago that ugly politics does nothing to advance the issues that matter most to people and the struggles they deal with everyday. That's why I will work with both Republicans and Democrats to advance our transportation needs, quality schools, and making sure we don't leave any Coloradan behind in a changing economy.

We will not stop fighting for those at the margins, and uphold the rights of everyone in our state and our nation, regardless of race, gender, religious affiliation, and sexual orientation. I pledge to you that I will stand firm against divisive policies that will destroy communities.

I hope I can count on your help and support.

HD5 PCP Webinar 6-2016


If so, have you gone to a training session for PCPs or taken the online Webinar for PCPs? No? Then you can take HD5's Webinar!

It is 20 minutes long through GoToWebinar.Com!

First, click this link:

This will bring you to a webpage that looks like this: This is the Registration Page.

Second, fill in the blanks with your First Name, Last Name and Email address to register for the Webinar.

Third, Click the blue button.  This will take you to the Webinar!

On completion you will have the basics of being a PCP!


Hon. Crisanta Duran DNC 2016 Speech

The Hon. Crisanta Duran gave a speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. Click on the link below for the YouTube video.