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House District 4

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House District 4 meets the 1st Saturday of each month from 9:00 am to 11:00 at the VFW Hall- 4747 W Colfax Ave, Denver 80204.  

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HD4 State Representative

Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez

Representative Gonzales-Gutierrez serves on the Judiciary and Public Health Care & Human Services committees. She was elected in 2018 to succeed Rep. Dan Pabon.


Term(s) in office: 2019-2020 Phone: 303-866-2954 Website:

HD 4 Officers

Chair: Betsy Daniel
Vice-Chair: Barry Roseman
Secretary: Diana Rivero

House Sub-District 4A

Captain: Adam Platt

Co-Captain: Blake Angelo

Finance Chair: Emma Bliesener
House Sub-District 4B

Captain: Cecelia Espenoza

Co-Captain: Patricia (Patty) Frederico

Finance Chair: Adrian Felix

HD4 News

Report on the Globeville Tour from Dennis Gallagher
I want to thank the folks who took the Globeville Tour last Sunday, April 18.  We saw a part of Denver that most people don't know much about.  Denver's early immigrant Slav's, Slovenians, Serbs and Russians, and Germans from Russia settled in this ethnic melting pot of a neighborhood between Washington and Broadway, 44th to 52nd, the city limits.  They all came to work in the smelters and packing plants, the stock show and the coleseum. Sadly, the neighborhood lived under two death notices from the city and federal government for years: the federal highway, I-70,  plowed through the neighborhood destroyed hundreds of homes.  And then the city tried for years to rezone the whole area as industrial, not residential.  It is a classic case study of neglect and benign neglect. Industrial smells sometimes invade the area.  But there are many signs of revival and hope in the neighborhood under the guidance of Councilwoman Judy Montero. 
Homes there are affordable, some of the most affordable in Denver and many younger people live and rent there.  Not too long ago the city added sidewalks and paved alleys and the improvements have encouraged folks to fix up their bungalows.  A pub called the White Owl serves the south side of the neighborhood and rumor has it they may start serving Polish food, sauerkraut and all.  The Globeville Civic Association has gained in membership and vigorously defends the neighborhood and fights for the best interests of the area.
And beautiful ethnic churches remain.  I want to thank Fr. Jan Mucha of St. Joseph's Polish Church for greeting us after some confusion and blessing in Polish and Latin everyone whether they were Catholic or not.  Holy Rosary Slovenian Church was remarkable for its westerly rose window and the grandeur of it statues.  Someday we might actually get in the Romanian Orthodox Church at 4600 Logan.  And finally, I wish to thank Rupert Applegate for showing us through Transfiguration Russian Orthodox Church at E 47th and Logan.  I think the tour takers enjoyed hearing about Eastern Christianity and its different emphasis on icons and hand painted Easter eggs. I predict a renaissance for this charming historic area. It is a constant battle and we cannot give up on any area of our city.  
Maybe our next pilgrimage can be Little Italy including Mt. Carmel, St Patrick's and Our Lady of Guadalupe. Anyone interested in a tour of lower downtown in June? Let us know.
Thanks again, for all who attended the tour.  We raised $374.34.
Best wishes, Dennis Gallagher