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Thanks to everyone that joined us this week! Below are the minutes from our meeting.

Welcome to the New Officers

Chair: Chris Chiari

Vice Chair: Barry Sarver

Secretary: Kenzie Jacobs

House Sub-district 2A

Captain: Ruth Clevenger

Co-Captain: Madison Busker

Finance Chair: Brandon Busker

House Sub-district 2B

Captain: Ariane Donar

Co-captain: Alan Schlessman

Finance Chair: Patrick Houston

Overview of the Basics

City and County of Denver have 8 seats in the State House

Each House district has a monthly meeting at different times and locations around the city

The purpose of these meetings is to review party business

Platform for HD2 Dems to come together

To hear from elected representatives about legislation that is going through the House and Senate

Bring us together as neighbors and Democrats

Updates from Elected Reps

Lois Court (Senate 31)

Increasing the fines for texting while driving--out of Senate State Affairs, unanimous out of Senate Finance


If citizens pass a statute, we should protect that

That did not pass, but it still needs to be a discussion

End of Life Options


Is there any movement to take the redistricting out of the purview of the legislature? Yes, they have all failed

Bike bill failed, it will probably not make it all the way through. It is being killed in a partisan way

Town Hall--March 4th and March 18th

Add these to the Facebook calendar

Alec Garnett

Joined with the adorable Ashton

Offer to come down and visit Alec and watch all of the floor work

Working on a bill to incentivize mediation instead of litigation to make it faster, easier, and cheaper to get your documents

Biggest Issues for the House

Transportation Funding

Protecting Homeowners and also build more condos

Budget issues--hospital provider fee


Are there any specific days to visit? Start at 9 Tues-Friday, start at 10 on Mondays. Come and join right in the morning!

Duran--roads vs. schools

We can't fix the 9 billion dollars of CDOT projects with existing resources, that means we would have to cut education budgets

We need new revenue to fix the CDOT--referred measure to raise taxes to fix infrastructure

How does a possible national infrastructure bill affect us?

Transportation is currently funded through a gas tax that hasn't been increased since 1991, we need a new source of revenue to fund these projects

Climate Change legislation?

Select Committee on Energy, Matt Jones is the dem lead on that, there is some progress being made on discussions

Rita Simas

Running to be the Colorado Democratic Party Treasurer

"I'm smart, I'm dynamic, I'm a team player, and I persist"

Mike Cerbo

New chair of the Denver Democratic Party

A few task forces/committees: mobilization, diversity & outreach, GOTV

Civic Syrup

Colorado Civic Service non-profit with Facebook, Twitter, and a Podcast, and a weekly newsletter

2 minute action, 2 hour action, and a day action

Talk to different organizations that are helping make policy

Reorg Overview

400 Dems got together at South High last weekend, biannual reorganization of new officers

We did not elect new PCPs--Precinct Committee People, that will happen during caucus next year

The State (Mar 11) is still going through a reorganization, anyone can attend, only certain people can vote

State Executive Director

PCP Overview

Check out the website!

Find your Precinct on the Denver Dems website:

Job responsibility: you are the face of the party in your neighborhood

Two year term, elected at caucus

When we have vacancies--let your sub-district captain & co-captain know, they make recommendation to Mike Serbo

Two PCPs per precinct

We'll make sure we have training, improve communication around training--bring this to the executive committee on Tuesday

Next Agenda Items

How to improve communication

How do we identify what we are doing out in the community?

How do we reach out to unaffiliated voters to get them involved? How do we reconstitute?

Announcements & Activities

April 15th--Tax Day Demonstrations

Clean Slate Now

Trying to get big money out of politics

Leading a coalition to bring publicly funded municipal elections to Denver, trying to put that on the ballot

Talk to Owen Perk or check out the Clean Slate Now website

March 11 State Elections at the downtown Marriott, from 8-10am--coordinate conversations with the DNC folks after that

State Party Dinner--March 11

Jane Potts--Denver Municipal Band

Jazz Fundraiser on March 4th at Dazzle

To raise funds to put a bench in Wash Park

Senior Day at the Capitol is March 15, Gov and L. Gov will be speaking

They meet at the Capitol every Tuesday (9:30) and Thursday (in the afternoon) in the cafeteria in the basement