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Interested in a leadership position with the Democratic Party of Denver?  House District 2A is looking for a co-captain.

Help us run monthly meetings, coordinate Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts, run caucus and serve on the Party's executive committee. Colorado will be a critical swing state in the 2018 and 2020 elections. Be part of the movement to turn our state Blue!

Please contact Ruth Clevenger at [email protected] to learn more. See more info on how the party is organized in Denver here. Link to HD2 A & B map is here.

Background on the position: The Party, in turn, divides each House District into two sub districts (A and B) to make the tasks we perform more manageable.  This gives the entire County 16 subdivisions to help with Party organization. Each sub district has an elected Captain, Co-Captain and Finance Chair - a total of 48 positions.  Each of these elected officers serves on the Executive Committee, which meets monthly. During those meetings, members of the Executive Committee receive information to relay to the members of their sub district, vote on resolutions and the annual operating budget, and discuss and form pertinent issues to the future success of the DPoD.

Map of HD2 A & B:

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