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An extraordinary presentation by Jennifer Brown about homeless children and families and the paucity of support available for them. Tuesday, September 1, HD6 meeting, Christ Church United Methodist, 7690 Colorado, 6:30-8:30. Social hour 630-7, program 7-830

CHILDREN LIVING IN POVERTY: Jennifer Brown, award winning Denver Post reporter, and videographer, Mahala Gaylord shared excerpts from the three part series: “Trying to Live, Trying to Learn” More here:

Congresswoman Dianna Degette brought us up to date on Congress and noted some of the tools available from the Federal Government for families who are homeless and noted that much more needs done.

The Central Committee of HD6A held an election for Captain, electing Laura Mullins, former CoCaptain. The Central Committee then held an election for the CoCaptain of HD6A and elected former HD6A Captain and CoCaptain to another term as CoCaptain. Michael Lopez had previously filled the vacant Finance Char and will remain in that capacity. Thanks to the PCP's of HD6A for attending and making this change possible.

Mark your calendar for our Election Reveiw meeting on Tuesday, October 6, 7-8:30.