HD5 Activists,

If you were able to join us last night, thank you!  

It was refreshing to see so many folks come out

to hear from the candidates.  If you weren’t able

to join us, we had over 60 people attend the

Candidate Forum.  With all 3 current office

holders being term limited it’s a very important

election cycle for our community.  The candidates

responded in writing to specific questions that were

generated by our community and elected officials.  

Not all topics are covered but hopefully it will be one

element of your decision making process.  Neither the

questions nor the answers were edited. The link below

will direct you to the responses - they are organized by

office and in alpha order by first name.  


You are welcome to share this link with anyone that

you think it might interest.



House District 5 Candidates Forum:




Senate District 32 Candidates Forum:




Senate District 34 Candidates Forum: