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House District Information and News

Levels of the Democratic Party: House, Denver, State, National

Get Involved in Committees & Study Groups


Energy and Environment

Public Policy

Criminal Justice



Get Involved in Organizations

ProgressNow: Publishes a weekly list of actions you can attend in the Denver metro area.

Metro Denver Sanctuary Coalition: Provides information on immigrant justice and the sanctuary movement in Denver.

Civic Syrup: Provides podcasts and other information on civic issues in Colorado.

PCP Discussion

Duties and responsibilities:

Represent the Party at the Precinct level

Attend monthly HD2 meetings

Educate voters about our issues and candidates (together with other PCPs and volunteers)

Be a voting member of the Central Committee of the Democratic Party of Denver

Work to elect Democratic Party nominees by registering voters and helping to Get Out the Vote (GOTV) in your precinct

Other ways to get involved: Block Captains, Building Captains, other volunteers