2016 Colorado Caucus at Manual High SchoolStatement in Opposition to Prop 107

The Democratic Party of Denver was at the epicenter of the Presidential caucus this year, and many of us support a Presidential Primary to allocate delegates to the Democratic National Convention. But not this version. It's flawed in many ways, one of the most important being that the winner would receive all our state’s delegates to the Democratic National Convention. This is completely at odds with our democratic principle of allocating delegates based upon voters’ expressed preference, meaning the percentage vote each candidate receives at the Caucus or Primary. It’s also at odds with DNC rules. Our state Democratic legislators proposed a Presidential Primary statute this past spring, and the Republican senate majority killed it. The better strategy here is to take back the State Senate, and craft a workable, fair Presidential primary. We have 3 years to get this right.

Statement in Opposition to Prop 108

Unaffiliated voters in Colorado already have the ability to vote in primary elections. They simply need to affiliate with a party anytime up to and including the day of the primary election to be given a ballot for that Party’s primary, a process that takes a matter of minutes online or in person. Under Proposition 108, unaffiliated voters would be sent a combined ballot or set of ballots with every Party’s candidates on them and instructions to vote for only one Party’s candidates; if they vote for candidates in more than one party, their ballot is not counted. Experience in Washington state shows this process is so confusing to voters that it results in about 7 % of unaffiliated voters’ ballots being disqualified. That could swing an election. In addition, political parties are membership organizations that have the right to select candidates who represent their fundamental principles; it is not asking too much of a voter to affiliate with that Party, even briefly, in order to participate in a primary that elects a candidate to represent that Party.