Rally across Colorado with the Democratic Party of Denver (DPOD), the Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care, our partners*, and 120 countries worldwide on Dec. 12 to embrace the need for a health care system that covers everyone!

Denver Rally: 12-12 at 12 at the Greek Amphitheater, Civic Center Park

The rallies are part of Universal Health Coverage Day, an international day of action to spur the movement to provide health care for everyone. It marks the anniversary of the United Nations’ historic and unanimous endorsement of universal health coverage in 2012.
Let’s seize this historic opportunity and show widespread support for Health for All and for Bernie Sanders’ improved Medicare for All bill (S. 1804)! Attend! Invite your friends!

By rallying on 12-12, DPOD, the Foundation and all these partners join with the global Universal Health Coverage Coalition’s 1,000+ partner organizations, 350+ economists, 120+ countries for one cause: #HealthForAll

Start gathering now, and finish at an upcoming RALLY!

Visit https://www.healthcare-now.org/hcnstreetteam/ to join the Healthcare-NOW! Street Team collecting signatures in support of Bernie's bill.