Denver — 2/10/2019 The Democratic Party of Denver held its combined Biennial Re-organizational and Central Committee meetings at South High School on Saturday February, 10 2019. The Denver Democrat’s County Central Committee assembled at noon it started with a welcome from US Representative Diana DeGette and Colorado State Senator Robert Rodriguez. 

The purpose of this meeting allows the County Party to conduct normal business, elect new officers at the County, House, and Senate District levels, as well as, appoint new members to various party committees. 

Election of 2019 – 2020 Officers

The first order of business was the election of County Party officers.  The officers elected to County Party offices were Melissa Johnsen (Chair), Marc Kamin (Vice-Chair), Jarrod Munger (Secretary), and Jon Mesick (Treasurer).  They will lead the party into the 2019 – 2020 election cycles with a focus on seating a member of the Democratic Party in the 2nd Colorado Senate seat.

The body also met to elect new officers for each of the House Districts that reside in the County of Denver also elected new captains and co-captains.  These officers will focus on voter education, outreach and turnout within their districts.

House District Officers

  • House District 1
    • Chair: Calypso Laubhan
    • Vice-Chair: Margaret Atencio
    • Secretary: Edward Valdez
  • House District 2
    • Chair: Chris Chiari
    • Vice-Chair: Alan Schlessman
    • Secretary: Miranda Excell-Johnson
  • House District 4
    • Chair: Betsy Daniel
    • Vice-Chair: Barry Roseman
    • Secretary:  Diana Rivero
  • House District 5
    • Chair:  Sandie McNamara
    • Vice-Chair: Michael Guzman
    • Secretary: Thyria Wilson
  • House District 6
    • Chair: Anne Farrell
    • Vice-Chair: Sallyanne Ofner
    • Secretary:   Jo Ann Fujioka
  • House District 7
    • Chair: John Seifert
    • Vice-Chair: Pat McDonald-Morland
    • Secretary: Dora Hilty 
  • House District 8
    • Chair: Pat Manning
    • Vice-Chair: Aaron Goldhamer
    • Secretary: Kristofer Dubbels

House Sub-District Officers

  • House District 1A
    • Captain: Deborah Burgess
    • Co-Captain: Ronald Cole
  • House District 1B
    • Captain:
    • Co-Captain:  
  • House District 2A
    • Captain: Tyler Vankirk
    • Co-Captain: Amy Schneider
  • House District 2B
    • Captain: Patrick Houston
    • Co-Captain:  Thomas Radigan
  • House District 4A
    • Captain: Adam  Platt
    • Co-Captain: Judy Cisney
  • House District 4B
    • Captain: Cecelia Espenoza
    • Co-Captain:  
  • House District 5A
    • Captain: Becky Christensen
    • Co-Captain: Danielle Glover
  • House District 5B
    • Captain: Ian Melchior
    • Co-Captain:  Ian Nelson-Santopietro
  • House District 6A
    • Captain: Laura Chauncey Mullins
    • Co-Captain: Megan Whelan
  • House District 6B
    • Captain: Karen  Tomb
    • Co-Captain:  Steven Woodrow
  • House District 7A
    • Captain: Pat McDonald-Morland
    • Co-Captain:  Douglas Fiero
  • House District 7B
    • Captain: Tyler Drum
    • Co-Captain:  Darnell Williams
  • House District 8A
    • Captain: Helen Shreves
    • Co-Captain:  David Farmer
  • House District 8B
    • Captain: Dave Wolf
    • Co-Captain:  Mary Jefferson
  • House District 9A
    • Captain: Lydia Guzman
    • Co-Captain:  Alex Lakey
  • House District 9B
    • Captain: Sam McKinzie
    • Co-Captain: Nick Assaf

Senate District Officers

  • Senate District 16
    • Chair: Mona Moffatt
  • Senate District 31
    • Chair: Brittany Wirth
    • Vice-Chair: Susan Rogers
    • Secretary: Jon Mesick
  • Senate District 32
    • Chair: Eliot Lewis
    • Vice-Chair: Anne Murdaugh
    • Secretary: Deidre Rodriguez
  • Senate District 33
    • Chair: Christopher Martinez
    • Vice-Chair: Bernard Douthit
    • Secretary: Mary Brice
  • Senate District 34
    • Chair: Adam Bickford
    • Vice-Chair: Ian Nelson-Santopietro
    • Secretary:  Susan Saukas

Resolutions voted on by the Committee

The Denver County Central Committee new business included two rule changes and three resolutions.  The three resolutions debated and passed by the body include a Resolution in support of fair pay for Denver teachers, LET DENVER VOTE, and Right to Survive.

The committee first voted to affirm the Resolution in support of fair pay for Denver teachers states that “The Democratic Party of Denver stands united with DCTA in the union's effort to secure a professional wage for all DPS educators via bargaining and/or a worker strike;“

Support for the second resolution on the committee agenda agrees “The Let Denver Vote Initiative supports those values by ensuring that Denver voters have a voice in whether or not municipal funds and resources are spent bidding to host future Olympic Games in Denver or funding future Olympic Games in Denver:

The initiative safeguards public resources used in connection with Olympic Games, as set forth in the following ballot title language: Shall the voters of the City and County of Denver enact a measure prohibiting the use of public monies, resources, or fiscal guarantees in connection with any future Olympic Games, without the City first obtaining voter approval at a regularly scheduled municipal election or special election should the City decide to use public monies, resources, or fiscal guarantees for this purpose?”

The third resolution support from the committee affirms that the Democratic Party of Denver does believe the Right to Survive proposal being considered in the Denver Municipal Election on May 7, 2019 is the right approach to helping those experiencing homelessness; and Therefore be it resolved that the Central Committee of the Denver Democratic Party hereby endorses the passage of the ballot initiative hitherto named the Right to Survive Initiative in the Denver Municipal Election conducted on May 7th, 2019 and authorizes any organization working in support of this initiative’s passage to use the name “Denver Democratic Party” in any printed or digital campaign materials as well as all verbal and written communications. 

The next Democratic Party of Denver Central Committee will be held in the fall with the date and location TBD.  The next DPoD Biennial Re-organizational meeting will occur in early 2021.