Congratulations to our new Executive Committee, as well as to all committee leaders and members, elected at the Biennial Reorganization Meeting of the Central Committee of the Democratic Party of Denver on February 11, 2017.

Chair Michael P. Cerbo
Vice-Chair James Reyes
Secretary Russ Johnson
Treasurer Ken Hermann
Assistant Secretary Abe Kaul
Assistant Treasurer Cathy Bajcsi

House District 1 House District 6

1A Captain Margaret Atencio
1A Co-Captain Deborah Burgess

1B Captain Kristine Oblock
1B Co-Captain Deborah Hamel
1B Finance Chair Catherine Bajcsi

6A Captain Laura Chauncey Mullins
6A Co-Captain Marc Kamin
6A Finance Chair Michael Lopez

6B Captain Karen Tomb
6B Co-Captain Jo Ann Fujioka
6B Finance Chair Jon Mesick

House District 2 House District 7

2A Captain Ruth Clevenger
2A Co-Captain Madison Busker
2A Finance Chair Brandon Davis

2B Captain Arianne Donar
2B Co-Captain Alan Schlessman
2B Finance Chair Patrick Houston

7A Captain Patricia L McDonald-Morland
7A Co-Captain Wendy Howell
7A Finance Chair Timothy Tribbett

7B Captain Erik Penn
7B Co-Captain Kiera Jackson
7B Finance Chair Emmett Hobley

House District 4 House District 8

4A Captain Barry Roseman
4A Co-Captain Alexander Abel
4A Finance Chair Emma Dubach Donahue

4B Captain Wyvonna Sue Okerson
4B Co-Captain Diana Rivero
4B Finance Chair Mark Coburn

8A Captain Helen Shreves
8A Co-Captain David Farmer
8A Finance Chair Jarrod Munger

8B Captain David Wolf
8B Co-Captain Roger Kilgore
8B Finance Chair Mary Brice

House District 5 House District 9

5A Captain Eric Dattore
5A Co-Captain Danielle Glover
5A Finance Chair Michael Guzman

5B Captain Susan Saukas
5B Co-Captain Ian Nelson-Santopietro
5B Finance Chair Jonah Weiss

9A Captain Lydia Guzman
9A Co-Captain Juliette Hidahl
9A Finance Chair Joel Minor

9B Captain Shawn Smith
9B Co-Captain Paul Ornelas
9B Finance Chair Bobbi Martin