We seek to inspire, educate, activate, and recruit citizens of Denver to elect Democratic candidates who support our core Democratic values and principles.

Who are the Denver Dems?

We create and develop strong, dynamic, active communities, and leaders who champion and foster our core Democratic principles.

DPoD Platform

Denver Young Democrats



Party Chair: Michael P. Cerbo
[email protected]

Vice Chair: James Reyes
[email protected]

Secretary Jarrod Munger
[email protected]

Treasurer Kenneth Hermann
[email protected]

How are we organized?

The Democratic Party of Denver (DPoD) is organized to allow for those at every level to have a voice and provide input.  The party has several standing committees and we encourage representation from each sub-district.

A Year In the Life of a PCP
Denver Maps
DPoD Rules

Who have we elected?

Denver has elected lots of great Democrats over the years. In 2004, the Democrats won control of the Colorado House of Representative and Colorado Senate for the first time in decades and took over the U.S. Senate seat by electing Ken Salazar. In 2006, we extended Democratic gains to the Governor's Mansion by electing a Democratic Governor, Lt. Governor, and Treasurer.

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County Officers


A former union organizer and State Representative, Mike now serves as the Chair of the Democratic Party of Denver.

Vice Chair

In addition to serving as Vice-Chair, James hosts Drinking Liberally Denver. James studied linguistics at CU Boulder and...

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In addition to serving as Secretary, Jarrod serves as Finance Chair for HD8A and was elected Precinct 801 Precinct...

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Ken is in his second term as Treasurer, having served from 2003 to 2005. He is retired from a career in corporate...

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Assistant Secretary

Abe was born in Chicago, lived in Miami for a while, before moving to Seattle when he was 11. He spent 18 years in the...

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Assistant Treasurer

Cathy Bajcsi is a retired tailor, a granny, a gardener and a dedicated Democrat.

Captains At Large

Leadership Training
Public Policy
Technology Co-Captain
Voter Registration

Committee Chairs

Diversity & Outreach